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Friday, May 25, 2018

Regional News Unit Akashvani Pune Adjudged Best in the Country--Akashvani Pune Celeberates

Pic Credit:Shri S.M.Choudhari,AE,AIR Pune

AIR Sambalpur celebrates 55th Foundation Day on 26th May, 2018

AIR, Sambalpur is celebrating its 55th anniversary on 26th May, 2018 in collaboration with Akashvani Recreation Club. To commemorate the occasion a Souvenir shall be brought out and a cultural programme shall be arranged in the evening at District Auditorium (Hapaswini Hall), Sambalpur. Shri Samarth Verma, IAS, District Magistrate & Collector, Sambalpur, Shri Abhaya Kumar Padhi, former ADG(Prasar Bharati), Dr.Srikant Mohapatra, Vice Chancellor, Odisha State Open University and Prof. Deepak Behera, Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur shall grace the occasion as guests. AIR, Sambalpur is gearing up for the celebrations.

AIR, Sambalpur a Primary Channel station of many stalwarts and veteran broadcasters like Nagen Chandra Nayak, Basudev Basu, J.C.Majhi, Abhaya Kumar Padhi, Ramapada Nanda, Padmalochan Das who have brought name and fame for the station. In-house programmes produced by its dexterous programme personnel, over the years, have bagged as many as 43 National Awards and 6 International Awards. 

Contribution : Kshetramani Bibhar, AIR, Sambalpur, Mob-9178720506

AIR Chennai’s 80-year journey

June next year will see All India Radio (AIR) Madras/Chennai celebrate its 80th birthday. The station had evolved from the first broadcasting service in India, V Krishnaswamy Chetty’s Madras Presidency Radio Club established in 1924. It made its first broadcast from Holloway’s Garden in Egmore on July 31. The Club was rescued from financial difficulties in 1927 by the Madras Municipal Corporation which ran it till AIR put down roots in Madras.
AIR itself celebrated the 80th birthday of its naming last year. Lionel Fielden, an Oxonian from the BBC, arrived in India in 1935 to head what had been set up in 1930 as the Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS). He thought the name not catchy enough. But to change a Viceroy-approved name was not the done thing. He relates how he got it done:
“I cornered Lord Linlithgow after a Viceregal banquet and said plaintively that I was in great difficulty. ... I said I was sure he agreed with me that ISBS was a clumsy title. ... But I could not, I said, think of another title; could you help me? ... It should be something general. He rose beautifully to the bait. ‘All India?’ I expressed my astonishment ... [It was] the very thing. But surely not ‘Broadcasting?’ After some thought he suggested ‘Radio’. Splendid, I said, and what beautiful initials.” (Fielden in The Broadcasting in India, Awasthy G. C., 1965).

Much of that may have been related tongue-in-cheek, but he was more serious — and possibly prophetic — when, as Controller of Broadcasting, he wrote an article for The Hindu’s supplement to mark the inauguration of AIR (Madras). In the article on the future of Carnatic music, written as a letter to the Station Director, Madras, in 2,500 AD, he said:
“I fear that in your day (2,500 A.D.) Indian music as we know it will be forgotten. I can only say we are doing our best to save it. The impact of the West in our time is strong enough to make it clear that the younger generation is drifting into an easy acceptance of Western harmonies and moving away from the static and intricate melodies — often too prolonged — of their own tradition. It seems that if Indian music is not to be drowned by the clangours of jazz, the addition of harmony — or at any rate some growth and progress in that direction — is essential. I do not mean by this that there is any failure to recognise the inherent beauty and individualism of Indian Classical music and the inestimable value of its freedom in improvisation. The trouble is that the Sangit Vidwans refuse to accept the necessity for any measure of adaptation and persist in their contention that Indian music has already reached perfection. Acrobatic feats of the larynx, no matter what quality of voice, are accepted as sufficient indications of a perfected art. In these days of mechanical reproduction and rapid communication, the musical language of four continents cannot but exert pressure on the fifth and while Indian classicists still insist on long performances — stretching to even three hours for a single musician — and ignore the necessity of proper voice production, the youth of India is in danger of forgetting its own musical language altogether.”

A sahib from on high speaking down to the natives, or prophetic? I’m no music fan, so I don’t know. Perhaps Sriram V would like to respond.
The uncivil civil servant
My reference to Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (Miscellany, April 30) had MN Nair wondering whether I had heard of Sir Sankaran Nair’s distant cousin, SK Chettur, ICS, who on one occasion had been not only uncivil but vindictive. I had indeed heard the story, but it is worth repeating.
In January 1939, when Chettur was a Sub-Collector, he and his wife and a friend went to an event in Palghat being held as part of the Sri Thyagaraja Festival. When an usher noticed Chettur and his friend smoking, he namaskaramed to them and politely requested them to stop smoking as it was not appropriate to do so on what was a semi-religious occasion. The friend put out his cigarette, but Chettur continued smoking. When several in the audience started shouting at him to stop smoking, the Chetturs and their friend walked out. Outside the temporary pandal, Chettur shouted for the usher and asked him to apologise. In his stead, the organisers apologised, but Chettur walked away in a huff followed by his wife and friend.
The next day, January 11, The Hindu reported, “Sensation prevails in Palghat following the demolition of the entertainment pandal put up at the Ram Dhyan Matom in Kalapathy Agraharam on the order of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Palghat (Chettur). The pandal had been put up in connection with the Sri Thyagaraja festival which commenced yesterday.” The report followed the Police informing the organisers that, despite having Municipal permission for it, they had to dismantle it by 4 pm. The organisers rushed to Chettur and apologised all over again. All he would say was that his order stood. And the organisers carried them out in front of a large posse of policemen who were there to keep protesters out.
A few days later, “A memorial on behalf of the citizens of Palghat” was submitted to the Prime Minister (as Chief Ministers were then titled) stating the facts. What Prime Minister Rajagoplachari had to reply is not known, but the next we hear is of a two-column long letter in The Hindu from nine citizens of Palghat reiterating the facts.
Then came the sting in the tail. The Police registered a case against the organisers for “Putting up a pandal in the public street and obstructing traffic.” I am sure the Sub-Divisional Magistrate would have found in favour of the Police.
The chronicler of Madras that is Chennai tells stories of people, places, and events from the years gone by, and sometimes, from today

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Forwarded by :- Shri. Alokesh Gupta,

ऑनलाइन आकाशवाणी संगीत प्रतियोगिता पंजीकरण

Sri. K.Sriramulu Goud Prog. Producer wins Mission Kakatiya Media Awards - DD Yadagiri

Programme producer Sri. K.Sriramulu Goud had won Mission Kakatiya Media Awards consecutively for the second time..

Heartiest congratulations from Prasar Bharati Parivar.

Source : DD yadagiri

६३ वाँ स्थापना दिवस आकाशवाणी इंदौर २२मई २०१८

 २२ मई को आकाशवाणी इंदौर का स्थापना दिवस मालवा हाउस परिसर में मनाया गया , इस अवसर पर आकाशवाणी परिवार द्वारा अंताक्षरी का आयोजन किया गया । आकाशवाणी इंदौर परिवार ने परिसर में फूलो और रंगो से रंगोली भी बनाई। केंद्राध्यक्ष श्री सेतुमाधवन जी ने सभी शुभकामनायें दी , सभी ने आपस में एक दूसरे को शुभकामनाए दी और अपने अपने अनुभव को साँझा किया । इस अवसर पर सवल्पाहार का आयोजन सभी सदस्यों ने मिल कर किया ।

श्री सेतुमाधवन कार्यालय प्रमुख , श्री कुलकर्णी  कार्यक्रम प्रमुख , श्री भार्गव डीडीओ व श्री पामेचा सहायक अभियंता ने अपने अपने सम्बोधन में आकाशवाणी इंदौर परिवार को बधाई दी व आकाशवाणी इंदौर परिवार को तन मन व धन से सहयोग के लिए धन्यवाद दिया ।

द्वारा योगदान :- श्री. महेंद्र कुमार पामेचा ,

Gyan Vani (Radio) channel added on DD Free Dish from 23-May-2018

Gyan Vani (Radio) added by DD Free Dish This has been added on the frequency 11550 V 29500. Gyan Vani (Radio) is available on Gsat 15 at 93.5 degrees East.
Channel name:Gyan Vani (Radio)
DTH: DD Free Dish 
Symbol Rate:29500
Latest update as on 23-May-2018

Contributed by :- :- Shri. Alokesh Gupta ,

Admissibility of air fare for children below the age of 5 years of the Government servants non-entitled to travel by air on LTC

No. 31011/3/2016-Estt.A-IV
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 
Department of Personnel & Training 
Establishment A-IV Desk
North Block New Delhi. 
Dated May 15 , 2018

Subject: Admissibility of air fare for children below the age of 5 years of the Government servants non-entitled to travel by air on LTC - clarification reg.

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to Department of Personnel Training’s O.M. No. 31011/2/2006-Estt.A dated 24.4.2006, 21.05.2007 and 03.12.2007 which stipulates that a non-entitled Goverment servant is allowed to travel by air while availing LTC provided that the reimbursement made in such cases is restricted to the train fare of entitled class. In this regard, it may be noted that while no fare is charged by Railways for a child below the age of 5 years travelling by train, airlines charge full air fare for child of 2 years of age and above.

2. This Department is in receipt of references from various Ministries/Departments seeking clarification on reimbursement of LTC claim in a situation where a child of a non-entitled Government servant, aged less than 5 years, travels by air on LTC and entitled train fare is claimed by that Government employee in respect of his/her child.

3. The matter has been examined and it is clarified that since children below the age of 5 years are not charged for rail journeys, no reimbursement shall be made in respect of the air journey performed by children, aged less than 5 years, of the Government servants who are not entitled to travel by air on LTC. It may be noted that this provision shall not be applicable for the segments where the air journey has been allowed to the non-entitled Government servants and their families under the special dispensation scheme, existent from time to time.

(Surya Narayan Jha) 
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

OUR BRIGHT CHILDREN - Achievement of Mr Shankar , Son of Smt Meenakshi AE AIR Coimbatore

Mr Shankar passed TN Higher Secondary exams with 1067 marks out of 1200. News on His achievement and his interview was published in Tamil Daily newspaper.He learnt music and also passed International grades in playing Keyboard.

Mr Shankar thanked his family especially his Sister for the support for his achievement in the Public exams. His mother Smt Meenakshi is working as AE/ EH in AIR Coimbatore.
All India Radio Coimbatore congratulates him and his family and wish him Success in his future endeavors.

Hearty congratulations from Prasar Bharati Parivar.

Any PB Parivar member can mail such achievements and photo of meritorious Children to or can submit the details by clicking on the link in "Our Bright Children" on the left hand corner of this page for possible publication on this blog.

Contributed by :- Programme Executive, AIR Coimbatore.

Life time achievement award to Kamal Kumar Varshney, AE DDK Allahbad

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